Deadshot is alive in 2005

I just picked up and read the first two issues of the new Deadshot, a mini featuring DC’s most dubious mercenary and actually enjoyed them
Granted, I was quite bothered by Deadshot gunning down about a dozen gang-bangers in the first issue, but despite
that, the first two issues shaped up to be a good story. Deadshot isn’t
a very likeable guy, but that doesn’t make him any less interesting.
The story line also provides a unique way for
making a hitman do some “good*” in the world.
I also kind of dig his new helmet.
The opening sequence with the group of villains on a hit was quite interesting.
It was also neat to see old Rocket Red brigade suits in action!  Maybe Dimitri will show up!
I haven’t read issue number three yet, but I will be interested to see what happens between him and Green Lantern.

*good is a VERY relative term in this case!


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