A snapshot of myself

A thread over at ENWorld.org has posited a frequently asked question among gamers. If you could assign yourself gaming statistics, what would they be?

Here’s my answer in D&D 3.5e terms…

CLASS: Expert 1 (I have no fighting skills, so I can’t have advanced a level. Additionally, I only claim to be an expert because I’ve been in the same career for 9 years.)

CLASS (Alternate): Expert 3 (If you do the 1-exp.-per-day-after-age 20 thing.)

RACE: Uhmm, Human.

STR 12 (I’m moderately strong, but not exceptionally so.)

DEX 10 (I don’t fall over myself, but I’m no acrobat either.)

CON 14 (Most of my “strength” comes from my tolerance to illness, extreme environments, pain and such)

INT 13 (Smarter than the average bear, at least)

WIS 16 (I’ve often thought that this is my best trait. But is it wise to be prideful?)

CHA 9 (I’ve got such a low-key personality, it’s actually a detriment)

FEATS: Skill Focus — Diplomacy (While I’ve got no personality, I am a good arbitrator and “teller of bad news”), Iron Will (I have a hard time believing in anything, much less illusions and “spells”)

Read what other people thought of themselves by going here: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?p=1921566


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