These are a few of my favorite horrors

Some of my horror favorites (some not so horrific, but intended to be):

  • The Hitcher (Rutger Hauer does a great job as the villain in this. He’s way over the top, but I saw it as youngster and he creeped me out)
  • Frankenstein (Boris Karloff classic. Colin Clive is great as the maniacal doctor.)
  • Creature From the Black Lagoon (Aside
    from the great 3-D shots and soundtrack. Julia Adams is VERY watchable.
    I hope it’s remade some day with Jennifer Connelly! )
  • Night of the Living Dead (To me, the original is the creepiest. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” It’s so bleak.)
  • Return of the Living Dead (On the flipside, the “Return” is a lot of fun. Gruesome special effects, amusing story and a lot “ewwwww” moments)
  • Miracle Mile (Very obscure movie about the struggle of one guy to get out of the way of a nuclear attack. Anthony Edwards stars.)
  • Fright
    Night I and II
    (Roddy McDowall shows off his best as a washed-up
    horror show host. Lots of good performances. I would have loved more
  • The Lost Boys (A great modern take on vampires)
  • Near Dark (Vampires with a twist)
  • The Bad Seed (You wouldn’t think a little girl can be creepy, but she is.)
  • Pet Semetary (Despite people’s complaints that this is a watered down version of the Stephen King novel, it’s still scary as sh*t.)
  • Cujo (As “it could happen” tales, this is the most horrifying)
  • Nightmare on Elm Street (Good, but hurt by it sequels. Though New Nightmare was pretty neat.)
  • John Carpenter’s The Thing (Few movies have as good “jump out of your seat” moments as this.)


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