The basics of my comic-book empire

Welcome to 2014, I’m a soon to be publisher who’s just started up his own comic-book company. A plucky comics beat reporter wants some basic information from me about how my comic-book universe works. So here goes:

Do you have superheroes with individual origins or do you have a “white event” type origin?
They’ve all got individual origins with some intertwining.

Do superheroes just start popping up now, or have they been around for decades/centuries?
characters have been around for a long time. Some were transformed into
myths and fair tales, others lost to time and others were well
documented by history.
Still, these super-powered beings were much
more subtle back then. They were miracle-makers who explained their
abilities as gifts from their god(s).
Over time, these beings formed alliances, and adopted themes. Hence many super-beings are very rooted in their ancestory.
One thing that has remained in existence in Europe is the concept of knightly orders.

How ubiquitous are they going to be?
world has super-powered beings everywhere. I’ve even made an extensive
list of where all my creations were born and where they now spend most
of their time.
The United States is the most tolerant of the
super-beings and many of them migrate here. Others are actually
“rescued” from their home countries.

Are they science or magic based?  Both?
more mutant-like super-beings and aliens appeared, regular humans had
to adapt. Hence, magic and super-technology came into play.
lots of Hydra-, A.I.M.- and Secret Empire-like organizations exist.
These secret armies have a variety of roles. Some are mercenary groups,
some are religious cults, some are extremists with political motives.

about other mythical traditions?  Do vampires exist?  Supernatural or
mutation?  Do the Cross, the Star of David and the Crescent Moon affect
them equally?  Do you have to believe in Christ for the Cross to stop
them?  Are they evil inherently?

Sorry “Buffy” and Goth fans,
but all vampires are evil. They are victims of a supernaturally-spawned
disease. They side with the Crescent Moon folks and are warded off by
the Cross and the Star of David and other “good”-based religious
ceremonial objects.

Are you shooting for a “real” world feel, or do you incorporate public domain literature (aka Planetary)?
pre-Dark Knight. No public domain stuff. I’ve got a 3-ring-binder
filled with about 200 ready-to-go characters for writers to use.
Writers must stick to this “bible.”

Is the Earth alone in the Universe or are there aliens?  How frequently do you want aliens to visit the Earth?
Aliens occassionally show up on Earth. Right now their are about a dozen “resident aliens” living on earth.

does the first published story of your comic-book begin? With a big
crossover event or a single story that branches out into the world?

first story begins with a big multi-issue “crossover” that dumps a
gazillion characters onto the plate at once. From there, I select one
or two characters to do mini-series on.

Who’s the perfect artist for your universe? Who’s your back-up/second-tier selection?
Alan Davis would be my first choice. Ron Frenz, with a really good inker, would be a second choice.

Do you have a tight continuity? Do characters age?
Continuity is key here. I’m talking super-strict, “you’re fired if you don’t respect it” continuity.
Aging happens, but it would take something like 10-12 real-time years for a character to age five.

What are YOUR duties in all of this?
All character creation is my job. After that, I’m 60% editor, 40% writer.

How do regular people relate to super-heroes? Do they love them, hate them, fear them or all three?
All three. Very similar to the Marvel Universe, pre-Onslaught.


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