First thoughts on ‘The Batman’

“The Batman” debuted Sat. Sept. 11 at 10:30 on Kids WB. What were your thoughts?
I’m in the middle on this one, cuz there’s things I liked and things I didn’t.

  • Alfred’s role as a sort of tutor for Bruce.
  • The fact that Batman is an urban legend
  • The action sequences were good (but still no B:TAS)
  • Overall design of the series. I liked the backgrounds.
  • The segueway sequences with the flurry of bats.
  • The
    discussion between the two cops about the fact that Bats never leaves
    any physical evidence. One said “No fingerprints, no hair follicles
    …” and I said “A-ha! That’s why he wears the mask and cowl to keep
    his hair follicles from being discovered!” (OK, it’s a bit of a leap,
    but it explains a mask and cowl!)


  • The character design of the Joker. There’s no need to change what works.
  • Claws
    on Batman’s gloves. Again, there’s no need to change what works. I’ll
    probably be fine with this after a few episodes. I just hope he doesn’t
    start using them like Sabretooth.
  • Overall story, even as a pilot episode, it was exceptionally weak compared to B:TAS.
  • Bruce Wayne’s character design. Even though he’s supposed to be a modern-day 20-something, that’s not  a good Bruce Wayne.
  • The Bat Pager. Auuuugh! How’s a fella supposed to keep a secret identity when he lugs around a pager with his logo on it!


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