She’s Fearless

I was browsing through a bookstore over the weekend when I came across
a novel series that’s numbered. It’s called “Fearless.” It’s apparently
marketed to teen girls and features a heroine who is “born without the
fear gene.”

Now I’ve always been fascinated with these types of
books (such as “The Destroyer,” “Hardy Boys” or even “Sweet Valley
, as they “evolve” over time like comic books. Plus they usually
cater to pop culture and are an interesting barometer of “what’s going
on” during their time of publication.
I glanced through the books and saw two web site listings and
Fearless series is interesting to me. First off it already is up to
“novel” number 31. It’s also a “new” series, that is it would be a good
time to jump aboard for my nieces.

  • So what I’m wondering is if any
    of you have heard of this series and if I ought to buy a couple for my
    nieces. Is it appropriate for girls ages 11 to 15?
  • Does anyone know of a site that offers a good synopsis of the series?
  • And while I’m at it, is it even any good for girls who are well-read?
  • And has it ever been a comic?


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