M-Day: Who keeps their powers?

M-Day, the day when many mutants in the Marvel Universe lose their powers, has arrived. In the House of M event, the number of known mutants gets whittled down to just 198, I believe. That’s a small number in my book. I think there should be 1 mutant for every 1 million people. I would especially include a wider variety of international types.
I have no comprehensive list of mutants in the MU, but here’s some of who I’d keep and why:

  • Nightcrawler (X-Men’s Moral center since Xavier’s death, medic)
  • Colossus (An excellent character who’s been well defined. Still a good virus victim though)
  • Wolverine (For marketing reasons only)
  • Storm (I’ve never much liked her, but I would like her if she was written with a “African in America” slant)
  • Iceman (A good everyman mutant)
  • Cyclops (Team leader, in constant mourning of Jean’s terrible death)
  • Beast (Scientist, philosopher, a “connection” with the Avengers, X-Men spokesman)
  • Rogue (The only other X-Man besides Wolverine who’s wanted by police)
  • Dazzler (The only mutant who made it into the big time and is generally accepted by society as a whole. — Think Wil Smith here)
  • Cloak (Creepy teen with a personal non-mutant liberation mission)
  • Dagger (Chipper teen with a personal non-mutant liberation mission)
  • Mystique (Secret agent for U.S. with questionable motivations)
  • Toad (Right-hand man to Magneto)
  • Magneto (European terrorist bent on uniting Mutants since Xaviers assassination)
  • Avalanche (Member of the Brotherhood of Mutants attack force)
  • Pyro (Member of the Brotherhood of Mutants attack force)
  • Blob (Member of the Brotherhood of Mutants attack force)
  • The Fenris twins (German Neo-Nazi-types )
  • Firestar (A teen-ager with no X-Men connections. Instead, she’s recruited by the Avengers)
  • Moonstar (A former New Mutant who teaches at Xavier’s mansion)
  • Unus (Repellant mutant with a penchant for tantrums that cause major damage)
  • Shadowcat (Technical wiz, 20ish in age the youngest actual X-Man)
  • White Queen (Member of secret society, tries to recruit young mutants into H-F club)
  • Black King (Millionaire, member of secret society bent on controlling U.S. government with Mutants and their abilities)
  • Mastermind (Another mutant who uses his powers to get his own way, which gets him into trouble a lot.)
  • Skids (A runaway mutant with no ties)
  • Multiple Man (A intriguing fellow who is everywhere at once)
  • Darkstar (Another Russian Mutant. Good for an International flavor)
  • Leech (Cool powers, plus he’s a kid with his mutant powers activated)
  • Phoenix II (Rachel is the only mutant from the future allowed)


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