Review: Wizard Edge

don’t know how long “Wizard Edge,” a new indy-comic focused edition of Wizard, had been sitting on the shelves but there were
plenty at the supermarket where I found it. In truth, it did seem a bit
dated as it mentioned Dark Horse’s Conan was starting a six issue story
arc, which is currently up to issue no. 3.
Articles included:

  • Conan feature
  • Kevin Smith quiz
  • How to Get Your Comic published article
  • Dave Sim interview
  • The 25 Best Trades You’ve Never Read
  • A run down of what’s happening in various “Indie” comics.

Overall, I was disappointed in the contents, especially the low brow way things were presented.
In the “whats happening” article mentioned above, each comic had a sub-head about “Why It Kicks Ass.” Uuuggh.
the Best Trades I’ve Never Read article, I counted about 13 that I had
read. All were fairly well known, too. Concrete, Usagi Yojimbo, Akiko.
They even listed Strangers in Paradise: I Dream of You, which is
probably the most famous story from the most famous indie comic today.
Kevin Smith feature smacked of celebrity worship. It bothered me just
because this is supposed to be a magazine about the little guy.
Overall, the magazine came off like a primer to wean fans off of superheroes, but nothing helpful to an indie comics fan.

that said, I’m not really all that surprised, since it did come from
Wizard. I still wanted to give it a try, just in case Wizard was going
to really try something new.
Ah well.


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