If Jack Black becomes Green Lantern

I can see it now …
Abin Sur wrecks on earth and tells his ring to seek out a new ring bearer …
see Hal and Guy as possible choices, but just as Hal is to be magically
whisked to Abin’s side, Jack Black, playing a volunteer ambulance driver AND
Hal’s roommate, shows up at the wreck site to help out. His first task,
swipe all of Abin’s valuables including a funky “mood ring” and a
matching lantern.
In doing so, Hal is left at the airport.
Jack figures out how to work the ring and spends most of the movie
goofing off until a galactic badguy shows up and Jack jumps in to
defend the world.
All this ruckus eventually draws the attention of the Guardians, who send in a legion of Lanterns to help out.
is also mixed up in the fracas and proves himself again and again. Jack
however just mostly screws up except at the climax where he saves the
In the end, the galactic badguy is defeated. The Guardians say the ring ought to go to Hal, so Jack gives it up.
But Hal, being the honorable guy he is, says “You know, since there are so many of these rings, why not let us both have one.”
Jack gets one, lets out a cheer, does something goofy with the ring’s powers.
Hal makes a “what was I thinking” sort of statement to much laughter from the audience.
The end.
Roll credits, play crappy rock music, exit theater.

… Hey, I ought to write comics for a living.


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