Marvel Universe handbooks return

 I hold in my hot little hands two great new books: The Offical
Handbook of tjhe Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004
and The Official
Handbook of tjhe Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004

And inside each, a detailed history and powers description of a heap of Marvel characters.
been waiting for this title to reappear for a long time and I’m
especially glad that these new books follow the old-style format of the
early Marvel Universe books. (I was never a big fan of the loose-leaf
Why do I love these books so much?

  • Because they are a
    guidebook to some of my favorite characters.
  • Because they are quick and
    easy to reference.
  • Because the give an accurate portrayal of the
    character’s costume.
  • Because they give techno-babble on how powers work
    (which is always fun!).
  • Because it allows me to compare one character
    to another (for those who would win in a fight between arguments).
  • Because they give a detailed bibliography on each character.

years, Marvel has avoided quantifying its characters in this manner,
probably to make things easier for writers and editors. And sure, they
can still ignore these MU entries, but at least now, they don’t have
any excuse to.
Anyway, I want to give marvel a big sloppy kiss for returning these books back to the stands. I love ’em. They’re great!
keep them coming for all your titles! I haven’t picked up Avengers 2004
yet, but I’d also love to see issues focusing on Daredevil,
Thunderbolts, the Fantastic Four, solo heroes, super villains, cosmic
characters, mystical characters, universal entities, gods, Kirby
creations and even titles like “Heroes from the 1990s,” “Heroes from
the 1980s” and so on.


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