A vision for Comics Buyer’s Guide

I’ve just recently re-subscribed to Comics Buyer’s Guide. I quit for about 8 months while I subscribed to Wizard. I didn’t like that magazine because I just wasn’t getting connected to quality small press comics.
Anyway, here are my suggestions for CBG …

  • Add a few more comic strips that would be CBG exclusives. I’d like to see a Buck Rogers-like adventure strip. More gag strips would be good too. 
  • I’d love to see summaries of comics in CBG. These would just be a listing so you can see who’s writing what and the general plot points and guest stars of each comic. This would be a GUIDE to COMICS that might make me a BUYER.
  •   I only find the reviews section interesting when I get a complete description of the comics’ background in a few sentences. If there’s an art sample, I don’t need someone telling me whether they like the art.
  • I’d love to see character profiles in a manner of the old Marvel Universe entries followed by an issue bibliograpy. They would be really neat since the comic companies are afraid to do them. How about hiring someone like Pete Sanderson or another former OHOTMU staffer to research characters. This could be a real popular thing with readers. All it would need would be a page a week.
  •  I want the columnists to talk about comics, not their personal lives. I intensely dislike Peter David’s name-dropping and catty attitude toward people/critics. I know Peter is a constant target for criticism, but I have no interest in reading about it and his defense of himself.
  • All CBG subscribers get free classified ads. Why can’t we post ads in every category? — i.e. announcements, help wanted, etc. The classifieds would be a lot of fun if I could look for someone to work on a comic book with or send out quick little message in the announcements.
  • More to come as I think of it.

And to all complainers about layout — The magazine looks a lot better since its redesign a year or two ago!


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