The Bible — in comic-book form

Divine inspiration — with speech balloons

Comic-book Bibles vary in style and content, but they always stick to the source

Missonaries are always proud to say the Bible has been transcribed into hundreds of different languages and dialects. If you’re looking to get a Bible in Icelandic, it’s available. If you want to teach the people of Zaire about Jesus, you can find a Bible to do it.

All these translations into new languages help bring the Christian message to the various people of the world. And one language — that of comic-book art — helps deliver the message in a whole new way.

Rather than presenting the Bible as a thick volume of a thousand-plus pages of text, comic-book versions of the Bible are meant to appeal to those who favor visuals — namely children.

But that hasn’t stopped me — a 30-year-old comic-book fan — from picking up as many varations as I can find.

Right now, I own three versions of the bible in comic-book form: “The Lion Graphic Bible,” “The Comic Book Bible” and “The Picture Bible.” But that’s not all that’s available, there are other comic books that tell Bible stories, including a series from DC Comics in the 1970s, and another from EC Comics, first published in the 1940s.

Now I can imagine some people might fear that a comic-book version of the Bible might be a little too comic booky — a format that stretches the story beyond the “official” Word. But don’t worry, Jesus isn’t wearing a superhero costume. Noah can’t control the minds of animals. And Mary isn’t an alien. Instead, every panel is a direct transcription from the original source material. There’s nothing added to make it more readable, kind of like how back in the 1930s Robin was added to the Batman comics to make them more appealing to kids.

Lion’s Pride:
The “Lion Graphic Bible” (ISBN 0-7459-4598-8), first published in hardcover in 1998 and then as a softcover in 2001, is a beautifully painted work that covers 31 Bible stories.

Old Testament entries focus mostly on key personalities such as Daniel, Noah and David. In the New Testament, it covers the life of Jesus, the early church and “visions of the future,” which tells the story of the Book of Revelation.

Illustrator Jeff Anderson paints each panel with care, going to great lengths to give every character a distinct look and personality.

Noah, for example, has a warm, calm look about him. Moses is a strong, powerful man with a bushy head of hair and beard. Jesus is confident, charistmatic and stern.

With its intensely realistic painting style, the “Lion Graphic Bible” is perfect for a teenage or even an adult comic-book fan.

Quality for kids:
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the kid-friendly “Comic Book Bible” (ISBN 1-57748-143-7), drawn by cartoonist Rob Suggs.

This Bible, first published in 1995, features bug-eyed figures that look a little like characters from the “The Simpsons.” Suggs uses this style to explore dozens of Bible tales and stories in a gentle and colorful way. Additionally, each tale is accompanied by the corresponding verse from which Sugg’s story is adapted, so kids and parents can also explore the text-version of the story if they wish.

The “Comic Book Bible” devotes some of its 264 pages to maps and facts (“Soldiers in Bible Times” and “Family Life in Israel” are both interesting) that will especially appeal to youngsters.

Picture perfect:
“The Picture Bible” from 1978 is the most impressive of my three comic-book Bibles. At 750-plus pages, it’s the best of the bunch simply because of its scope and coverage of the original source material.

As drawn by Andre Le Blanc, a veteran animation, comic strip and comic-book artist, the wonderful illustrations in “The Picture Bible” most resemble the style used in “Prince Valiant” comics. Each character and scene is rendered in old-fashioned comic-book style.

Unlike my other comic-book Bibles, “The Picture Bible” (ISBN 0-89191-224-X) is considered the definitive comic book Bible and has sold more than 3 million copies. With those kinds of numbers, it’s quite easy to find new and used copies on the Internet.

Getting the message across:
The key thing to remember with comic-book Bibles is they are never complete versions of the Bible, but mainly focus on delivering the message of the Bible to the reader. After all, it would be next to impossible for an artist to illustrate a good deal of the Bible. The lengthy passages in the Scriptures that focus on family trees, you know the ones that say “x begot y and y begot z” probably test even the most devout Biblical scholar’s attention span. And just imagine an artist sitting at his drawing board trying to figure out the best way to make a family tree seem lively. Not easy, I can assure you.

On top of that, if an artist were actually able to illustrate every passage in the Bible, that version would fill tens of thousands of pages simply because comic-book story illustrations take up a lot of space.

So even in the lengthy “Picture Bible” there is some stuff missing. And while some of the Word isn’t there, the narrative itself is never misrepresented.

So don’t worry if you’re thinking of picking up a comic-book Bible for someone this Christmas, because every comic-book Bible I’ve seen has all Ten Commandments, and Jesus isn’t battling crime with a teenaged sidekick in the gritty underbelly of Jerusalem.


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I am on the side of the light, and if that is where you stand then we are allies, so do not deny a fellow truth seeker the right to voice their concerns. For real. Now, getting back to what Ivan Fraser said: “I wish it to be known that I bear David Icke no malice over this affair and the reason for publishing this information is to seek clarification and also offer information of which most may not be aware. My fears may be unfounded, but I feel that after reading this, you may see they are justified. And if my fears have solid foundation, these issues need urgent clarification, both for the sake of David Icke and his readers. My suspicions about Arizona Wilder (AW) first manifested the first time I heard of her. Something in me said, ‘something isn’t right here’. A familiar feeling which usually turns out to be trustworthy, as anyone who has read lifting the Veil knows. She was not mentioned at all in the draft copy of The Biggest Secret (TBS) which I had read. David had not met her yet. When the book was released people started ringing me with questions like, ‘is it true about the reptiles’, and ‘is this stuff about the royal family true’. At which time I replied that I thought it was, based on the fact that the version I had read stated only the theory of the reptilians and that certain of the Royals were involved in satanic rituals. Soon I heard about Arizona Wilder. I reviewed the book again, this time the printed version, and asked Linda Icke (the British manager of Bridge of Love) to send a copy of the video from which AW’s testimony was taken. I was by this time very dubious about AW’s statements. Her statements had already overshadowed those of Christine Fitzgerald, Princess Diana’s healer and confidante, which were prominent in the version I read and which were not so sensational. However, Fitzgerald’s account may have been a ‘taster’ for what was to come, to ease the way for the far more incredible information which Wilder had to impart.” I agree completely with Ivan’s speculation regarding Arizona Wilder. Out of all of David’s research, Revelations of a Mother Goddess seems the most suspect, to me at least. I do feel as if she is spreading disinformation, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it. I would like to know what others feel about it, if I, and they, are given the chance to speak. Anyhow, there are contradictions in David’s work. I just finished reading Love Changes Everything, which includes a number of channellings from a being named as Rakorski; here is what I have found regarding this”Several people claim to channel St Germain by name, but in Icke’s case he came through using the name “Rakorski.” Despite communicating with many different channeled beings, this Rakorski turned out to be Icke’s primary source back then +. From Love Changes Everything (The book largely channeled through Mari Shawsun): Quote from: David Icke Since the publication of The Truth Vibrations I have learned so much more as I have communicated almost daily with Rakorski, the one known as Lord of all Creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo. Here is what Icke said about Rakorski/St Germain specifically: Quote from: David Icke Our most memorable moment on the visit [to France] came when we arrived at the former home of the remarkable Frenchman, Count St. Germain, who in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was dubbed the “Wonderman of Europe” for his feats and abilities. One, so it was claimed, was the ability to disappear. No-one knows how long he lived except that it was a very, very, long time. Voltaire called him “the man who never dies and who knows everything.” It is widely held that the mind or aspect of Infinite Consciousness I call Rakorski had incarnated as St. Germain, and the moment we saw his house both Linda and I had the same reaction: wow! We were both very moved just looking at the place and the energies were incredibly powerful. It was lunchtime and we couldn’t go inside, but as I stood there a very clear thought came into my mind: “You will come back here with your family and your new son next year (1993), and you will release energies that will have an enormous effect on the world.” Again, we’ll have to see what happens. But here’s something very interesting… I did a little searching and found that Icke has something quite different to say about St Germain (and the “Ascended Masters”) nowadays. Here’s an excerpt from The Biggest Secret. I included some extra at the beginning, so you can get a feel for St Germain’s supposed friend William of Hesse-Hanau. They want to know which are the reptile bloodlines because they know they will be easiest to ‘plug in’ to the reptilians on the lower fourth dimension. This is one reason for the highly detailed genetic records kept by the Mormons, another Brotherhood operation at its top level. So when people in power appear to have no blood links with these families, the opposite may be true. A number of researchers believe Bill Clinton to be a closet Rockefeller and he is certainly blood-related to the British monarchy, every Scottish monarch, and King Robert I of France. St Germain, now a ‘messiah’ figure to many New Agers, was a friend of William of Hesse-Hanau, and his brother, Karl. Apparently, Karl wrote that Germain, an alchemist and magician, had been raised by the de Medici (Black Nobility) family in Italy. Many New Agers today talk about the Great White Brotherhood of ‘master souls’, including Germain, who are communicating ‘guidance’ to channellers about the coming transformation. 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