Dungeon No. 105: Racing the Snake

Paizo Publishing’s Dungeon No. 105
features “Racing the Snake,” a D&D adventure module written by myself. The feature spans from Page 11 to Page 42.

Here’s how Paizo described the adventure:

A long-simmering merchant conflict has turned into a war of
assassination, and the PCs are called on to prevent an attempt to
murder a daughter of one the merchants. Your characters must lead her
would-be killer, a yuan-ti assassin, on an overland chase through a
canyon called Ehlonna’s Scar, which contains surprises of its own. A
D&D adventure for 6th-level characters.

The issue also included the following articles: Critical Threats – Warduke, Death Net and The Stink.

One reviewer (Alzrius
on the EN World message board)
said this about “Racing the Snake”: “As an adventure, “Racing the
Snake” was very nice! The adventure is one that is plot-driven, and the
events of it, keeping a decoy from being detected as a fake and racing
ahead of an assassin, is excellent in how an adventure should be. This
one forces PCs to use their heads and not just butcher everything in
sight. The artwork in the beginning is, IMHO, extremely nice, second
only to the art in this issue’s other adventure.”

Another reviewer (WizarDru also on the same EN World message board)
also liked the adventure: “‘Racing the Snake’ is one of the best
adventure premises I’ve seen in some time. It’s got variety,
interesting twists, and is set in honest-to-goodness Greyhawk, starting
the town of Polvar in Ket, and taking you to Highfolk. It features some
of best artwork in Dungeon in some time, including a few nice NPC
portraits. I WILL use this module, sooner or later.”

If you can’t find Dungeon 105, you can order it as a back issue at the Paizo web site at http://www.paizo.com/backissues.shtml


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