The WB’s Tarzan

Following the success of “Smallville,” it decdided to dip into the well of classic characters again. From that well, it pulled out a modernized version of “Tarzan.”
Boy, did they prove that it isn’t easy to capture lightning in a bottle because, man, was this a bad show.
Granted, I’ve watched more than half the episodes, just hoping the writers and producers would some how “get it right”.
But they didn’t.
My thoughts on how it could have been improved…
— Make Tarzan homeless. (This would give viewers a chance to really worry about him)
— Have him inisist on being called Tarzan, not John. (This would give him a way to hold on to his past life)
— Have him narrate the episodes. (He had so little dialogue it was annoying. If he served as the narrator, he could talk about the jungle, how NYC resembled the jungle, and how the people there were just as bad or worse than animals)
— Have most of the story unfold at night. (This would add to the intensity of the show.)
— Include more animals, somehow. (I know it sounds corny, but I think it would have helped if there was an episode where he helps some stray animals. Maybe he could have adopted a dog or something.)
— Have Tarzan fall for Jane’s sister. (Then the viewers could pine for the eventual union with Jane.)
I did like…
— Jane as a police officer (It helped to keep her out of the Damsel in Distress mode)
— Tarzan’s fights and movements (He must’ve watched the special features on the new Planet of the Apes movie. He copied the fight coordinator almost exactly.)
— The cast as a whole (I liked everybody but Jane’s partner. He was way too cliched.)
Incidentally, I thought Sunday’s episode was the best I had seen. I think it was because Tarzan got to use his skills in the outdoors.


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