Call me Quasar

 If I were a superhero, who would I want to be? Now I could go for a person everyone would recognize, such as Superman or Batman, but I don’t mind getting obscure.
So who would I pick?
I’d want to be Quasar, the Marvel variant of Green Lantern. He only answers to one “person” (no Guardians council), he flies, he can survive in deep space and he can do all sorts of reality bending things that simulate super strength and invulnerability.
The only problem, those goofy looking bracelets. Oh well, you can’t have everything!
If for some reason I couldn’t be him, I’d mostly want to be someone with super strength, invulnerability and flight capabilities, and there are plenty of those types to go around!
If I was a superhero without powers I’d have to be Blue Beetle, just cuz I like his costume.


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