Test Your Justice League and Avengers Knowledge

Comic-book fans are just like any other fanatic, they pride themselves in knowing the minutest details of every superhero comic book they own. And now, like “Freddy vs. Jason” or interleague play in baseball, one of comic-bookdom’s most anticipated crossover events is upon us.

The monumental “JLA/Avengers,” a project fans have waited 20 years for is on the stands. Rather than spend this column yammering on about the book itself, Comics on the Brain offers you a trivia quiz. The questions are based on comic books published from 1941 to the present. If you don’t have the comic book, you can either guess, go pick up the old issue or search the Internet for answers.

No matter, just do your best and prove to your mother that it really was worth keeping all those comics, because this is a contest that tests the depth of your back issue collection, not your ability to remember current comic-book continuity.


1. JACK OF HEARTS — The White Tiger had a titanic battle with the Jack of Hearts in 1975’s “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu” No. 23. Who wrote the story?

a. Marv Wolfman

b. Bill Mantlo

c. George Perez

d. Roger Stern

2. SCARLET WITCH — In “JLA/Avengers” No. 1 (2003), the Scarlet Witch holds a magazine with an advertisement on the back. What DC superhero is featured in the ad?

a. Blue Devil

b. Elongated Man

c. Booster Gold

d. Superman

3. IRON MAN — Tony Stark holds a news conference in “The Invincible Iron Man” No. 113 (Aug. 1978). What is he showing off?
a. The new Iron Man armor style

b. The new Stark International headquarters

c. The new Avengers’ Quinjet

d. The updated Avengers’ mansion

4. CAPTAIN ATOM — In “Invasion!” No. 2 (1988), Captain Atom addresses the United Nations after an alien invasion is thwarted. In the speech, he says “We owe … much” to which helpful aliens?
a. Daxamites

b. Kryptonians

c. Khunds

d. Thangarians

5. WONDER MAN — Wonder Man calls the Vision what DC-character name in “Wonder Man” No. 14 (Oct. 92)?

a. Superman

b. One Man Army Corps

c. The Spectre

d. Plastic Man

6. MARTIAN MANHUNTER — Martian Manhunter escorts two aliens for a night on the town in “Justice League America” No. 51 (June 1991). Which two aliens?

a. Superman and Jemm

b. Starfire and Orion

c. Hawkman and Orion

d. Green Lanterns G’Nort and Kilowog

7. HERCULES — Hercules punches an inflatable version of what interstellar villain in “Hercules — Prince of Power: Full Circle” (1988)?
a. Galactus

b. Super Skrull

c. Thanos

d. Darth Vader

8. WONDER WOMAN — In “Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia” (2002), what is the name of the girl Wonder Woman vows to protect from Batman?

a. Jennifer Wellys

b. Danielle Wellys

c. Danielle Walters

d. Jennifer Walters

9. PHOTON — Who says “Do not lecture me, mortal” to Photon in Avengers Infinity No. 2 (October 2000)?

a. Thor

b. Moondragon

c. Eternity

d. Infiniti

10. ZATANNA — What’s the “decoded version” of the spell Zatanna uses to rid Vibe of his allergies in “Justice League America” No. 242 (Sept. 1985)?

a. Sneezes leave Vibe alone.

b. Clean air enter my friend’s lungs.

c. Plants of the field, make your pollen clean.

d. Pollens of flowers, avoid my friend.

11. VISION — In “Avengers Spotlight” No. 40 (Jan. 1990), the Vision “gets” advice from whom?

a. Ann Landers

b. Phil Donahue

c. Abigail VanBuren

d. Geraldo Rivera

12. WASP — How did the Enchantress stop the Wasp from flying in Avengers No. 15 (April 1965)?

a. By shooting her with a lightning bolt.

b. By increasing her mass.

c. By paralyzing her wings

d. By turning her into a real wasp.

13. WARBIRD — What job did Carol Danvers, Warbird’s civilian identity, have in “Ms. Marvel” No. 2 (Feb. 1977)?

a. Wrestler

b. Secretary

c. Magazine editor

d. Astronaut

14. HAWKMAN — The real name of the Kite-Man is revealed in “Hawkman” No. 4 (Nov. 1984). What is it?

a. Chuck Brown

b. Leo DaVinci

c. K.I. Teman

d. Ben Frank Lynn

15. RED TORNADO — In “Primal Force” No. 9 (July 1995), Red Tornado seemingly kills Prince Inferno. How does he do it?

a. Tornado flies him out of the breathable atmosphere

b. Tornado explodes his lungs

c. Tornado fries him with a lightning bolt

d. Tornado impales him on a tree

16. SUPERMAN — “Action Comics” No. 512 (Oct. 1980), Superman testifies to the world that a villain has reformed. What villain was it?

a. Metallo

b. Mr. Mxyzptlk

c. Joker

d. Lex Luthor

17. THOR — In a battle with Ego in “The Mighty Thor” No. 202 (Aug. 1972), what sort of giant bugs does Ego sic on Thor and his friends?

a. Spiders

b. Ants

c. Fleas

d. Locusts

18. TRIATHALON — What three Avengers does Triathalon fear he’ll become like in Avengers No. 41 (June 2001)?

a. Mantis, Rage and Deathcry

b. Gilgamesh, Hercules and Thor

c. Black Panther, Photon and War Machine

d. Swordsman, Mockingbird and Starfox

19. BLACK CANARY — In “Birds of Prey” No. 11 (Nov. 99), Canary encounters a character who appears to be a clone of who?

a. Superman

b. Metamorpho

c. Guy Gardner

d. Lex Luthor

20. PLASTIC MAN — According to his first appearance in “Police Comics” No. 1 (Aug. 1941), what dumped on Eel O’Brian to turn him into Plastic Man?

a. Liquid rubber

b. Boiling plastic

c. Acid

d. Chemical X

21. FIRESTORM — What villain does Firestorm battle in issue No. 5 of “The Fury of Firestorm” (Oct. 1982)?

a. The Pied Piper

b. The Weather Wizard

c. Goldface

d. Rainbow Rider

22. SHE-HULK — On the cover of “Sensational She-Hulk” No.1 (May 1989), She-Hulk tells readers to buy the book or she’ll do what?

a. Smash their action figures

b. Beat up Stan Lee

c. Tear up their X-Men comics

d. Unspool their “Batman” videotape

23. GREEN LANTERN — In “Green Lantern” No. 54 (Aug. 1994), where does Kyle Rayner find the dead body of his girlfriend?
a. Buried in a field

b. In bed

c. In the refrigerator

d. In the trunk of Major Force’s car.

24. AQUAMAN — What type of fish devours Aquaman’s hand in Aquaman No. 2 (Sept. 1994)?
a. Shark

b. Barracuda

c. Black manta

d. Pirahana

25. BATMAN — “Detective Comics” No. 311 (Jan. 1963) features the debut of what feline-themed villain?

a. Cat-Man

b. Catwoman

c. Wildcat (II)

d. Cheshire

26. QUASAR — What famous comic-book artist draws the cover for Quasar No. 14 (Sept. 1990)?
a. Jim Lee

b. Rob Liefeld

c. John Byrne

d. Todd McFarlane

27. QUICKSILVER — According to “X-Factor” No. 72 (Nov. 1991), what does Quicksilver do to keep from being considered normal?

a. Operates as a superhero

b. Speed-reads books

c. Wears a powder-blue costume

d. Actually likes Magneto, his father

28. HAWKEYE — Wha
t future Avenger does Hawkeye meet in the first issue
of his 1983 limited series?

a. Captain Marvel

b. Mockingbird

c. Jack of Hearts

d. Quasar

29. BLACK PANTHER — In a confrontation with the Black Widow and the Wasp in “The Avengers” No. 83 (Dec. 1970), Black Panther says he won’t fight with them. What reason does he give?
a. “I can’t fight them — they’re under mind control!”

b. “I don’t fight women — even super-powered ones!”

c. “I couldn’t even think of hitting Widow and the Wasp — the only women I’ve ever loved!”

d. “You send these two to fight me?!? They aren’t even worth my time!”

30. BLUE BEETLE — In Charlton Comics’ “Blue Beetle” No. 1 (June 1967), what sea-themed gang does Beetle battle?

a. The Squids

b. The Pirahanas

c. The Pirates

d. The Buccaneers

31. STEEL — Blockbuster fashions a test for Steel in “Steel” No. 32 (Nov. 1996). What does he model it after?

a. The labors of Hercules

b. The suffering of Job

c. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

d. The Odyssey

32. CAPTAIN AMERICA — In “Captain America” No. 332 (Aug 1987), Cap is given how many reasons for signing a contract with the government?

a. Six

b. Eight

c. 13

d. 76

33. ATOM — The Atom offers Starman some superheroing advice in “Starman” No. 6 (Jan. 1989). What is it?

a. Keep your identity secret

b. Don’t show off

c. Being sneaky is OK

d. Always fight for truth, justice and the American way

34. Yellowjacket — Whom does Yellowjacket rescue from drowning in “Marvel Team-Up” No. 59 (July 1977)?
a. Bruce Banner

b. Spider-man

c. The Thing

d. Wasp

35. GREEN ARROW — When members of the Justice League find out Green Arrow is alive in “Green Arrow” No. 4 (July 2001), which of the following doesn’t happen?

a. Wonder Woman kisses him

b. Superman hugs him

c. Flash pinches his butt

d. Batman punches him out

36. FLASH — What does the cover blurb of “Flash” No. 76 (May 1993) say?

a. “Look out, Wally West, there’s a new Flash in town!”

b. “The second death of Barry Allen!”

c. “You are about to experience the most tragic day in the life of Wally West!”

d. “Fast Forward!”


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