Tennis anyone? If I can play with Anna Kournikouva, definitely!

anna kournikova's belly

Now it should be known that I’m just like any other guy, one with weaknesses and failings. One who can succumb to temptations and desires.

I mention this because sometimes when things start out with a pure motive in mind, they can change and turn a bit dingy. They mutate into something I never expected. This happened to me recently. You see as a newspaper person, I have access to lots of pictures through the Associated Press photo browser, and I look through them to find photographs for the news pages that I create.

One thing I always look for is interesting photographic composition that I can use in my own superhero drawings. So when I’m cruising through the wire, I’m always looking for people doing interesting things, especially interesting athletic things, since that’s the type of image used most often in comics.anna kournikova

Examples: Pictures of a track meet are always helpful to me because I can look at how a hurdler’s legs are foreshortened. In baseball pictures, I always like to look at pitchers because the extension they have in their arms is incredibly dynamic.

One day I saw a tennis picture and said to myself “The way he’s holding that racket, it looks like the same way a person holds a sword.” I started looking at tennis pictures a lot. Sometimes it was for that pure and beautiful reason — to help enhance my art. But only sometimes. You see, I discovered something.

Tennis chicks are really good looking. Not only are they good looking, but they also wear pretty skimpy outfits.

Right there are two of my favorite things in one… Skimpy outfits
Good-looking women = Resistance is futile.

So, I’m hooked. I’m watching tennis, admiring certain players and even considering taking up the sport.

So, who are my favorites? So far, you can’t go wrong with Monica Seles. I also really like Venus & Serena Williams. Sadly, I haven’t ever even watched a match featuring Anna Kournikouva, my favorite person to actually look at.

But don’t worry, someday, I actually watch a match with her in it and then I won’t feel so guilty.



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