You’re invited to a screening of RoboCop 3

Are you ready to see RoboCop3
Visit NYC to see RoboCop 3

Join us for a screening of RoboCop 3!

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This is an invitation to the New York City  premiere of RoboCop 3. As a fan of the RoboCop franchise, I was thrilled to get this handed to me one day while I was a student reporter at the newspaper run by the journalism program at SUNY Brockport

The invitation itself is basically a normal post card with printing on both sides. The back included screen credits like those at the bottom of most movie posters.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the screening.

RoboCop 3 Movie Review

While I didn’t get to see RoboCop 3 at the big premiere, I did go watch it on opening weekend. It was bottom-of-the-barrel bad! Definitely wouldn’t have been worth traveling from the Rochester area across the state and into New York City.


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